Fractionated Fatty Acid

Fractionated Fatty Acid

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Fractionated Fatty Acid

We can offer the entire range of fatty acids from vegetable origin produced mainly from Palm Oil & Palm Kernel Oil, Which are mainly used for producing personal care products, fatty alcohol and are also used for Pharma and Industrial applications.

Following are the types of Fractionated Fatty Acids:

Lauric Acid 99%

Lauric – Myristic C1214

Myristic Acid 99%

Palmitic Acid 80%

Palmitic Acid 90%

Palmitic Acid 95%

Palmitic Acid 98%

Stearic Acid 38%

Stearic Acid 52%

Stearic Acid 60%

Stearic Acid 65%

Stearic Acid 70%

Stearic Acid 92%

Stearic Acid 95%

Triple Pressed Stearic Acid 1801

Triple Pressed Stearic Acid 1800

Rubber Grade Stearic Acid

Oleic Acid 7519

Oleic Acid 7513

Caprylic Acid C899

Capric Acid C1099

Caprylic-Capric Acid C6810

Caprylic-Capric Acid C810


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